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John Steffenhagen

My great father was Leo Lyons. I remember him well as a young boy in the 70's, a man who loved the game of football, REALLY loved the NFL. Over the years, I have learned so much more about him, through research made easier with the invention of Google. With the 100th NFL Season here in 2019, those original NFL franchises like the Jeffersons are being mentioned once again. Wishing to preserve the history of an original NFL team who began as a sandlot outfit made up of Rochester teens, I am currently working on a book about Leo and the team and would love to hear from those with a story or family connection to them. I am a member of the PFRA, Pro Football Researchers Association and live in Rochester, New York. 

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My sister and I at Leo's home in Pittsford. The picture of Leo and Joe Guyon was the only picture he ever displayed in his living room. Yellow arrow pointing to it on top of TV behind us. 

Darryl Talley with Joe McShea's 1923 NFL Jeffersons Contact

Darryl Talley with Joe McShea's 1923 NFL Rochester Jeffersons contract, for $25 a game

NFL game ball from 1921 Bears-Jeffersons game at Wrigley Field 

Fun photoshoot at Jim Davis's amazing garage!

There are many people I would like to thank, their contributions and help has been and is greatly appreciated. Thank You!    Ken Crippen, Jeffrey Miller, Chris Willis, Joe Horrigan, Bob Carroll, Bob Matthews, Steve Pressar, Gene Burt, The McShea Family, the Irwin Family, Sabina Steffenhagen, Kevin Bosner, Leo Bosner, John Bosner, Scott Pitoniak, Dan Mason, The Clark Family, John Anderson, Ebbetsfield Flannels, Joe Versage, Denny Lynch, Jim Campbell, everyone at Time Warner Sports Channel, Jim Davis, the Buffalo Bills organization, Dan Rooney, Julie Morton, John Benson, the PFRA, Gary Maybee, Hugh Irwin, Rich Donnelly, Steve Tasker, Jay Harris Jerry Knaak, Kimberly and Beck, Jane Flashe, Don Alhart, One Bills Live, Sara and Jessica Steffenhagen,Chris Bensch, the Strong Museum, the Democrat and Chronicle, Virginia Butler, Pro Football Weekly. Sports Illustrated.                           

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